10 Tips For Planning A Wedding This Year

30 January 2017

If you’re in the wonderful position of starting to plan a wedding, you might be feeling overwhelmed by all of the detail needed to bring your perfect day to life. We’ve been helping couples in the exciting stages of planning flower arrangements for their wedding since 1911 and have picked up some top tips about wedding planning in our 100-plus-year history to help your special day exceed all your expectations:

1. Forward plan

There is a lot of thought and planning that goes into a wedding, so don’t underestimate how long it may take for everything you want to come together. Some venues need to be booked as far as 2-3 years in advance, so get clear early on about everything you want and you’ll be able to break down all the different stages of the planning to suit you. Three of the most important things you need to consider are: insurance, rough numbers for your guest list and your budget.

2. Work out your budget

Be clear on a realistic budget that will work for you. Consider a budget that will cover everything you want without causing you undue stress as your big day draws closer.

3. Call in some help!

Your family and friends will be so excited to share in your happy news, so think about what skills or expertise they have that could help you turn your dream day into a reality. When it comes to your budget too, you could consider asking for help from friends and family as wedding gifts ahead of your big day, which could end up freeing up extra money.

4. Choose your guest list wisely

Although it's one of the hardest decisions you’ll have to make, try to be realistic about who you really want to invite on the day. Covering the cost of each person you invite will likely be one of your biggest expenditures, so be sure to invite people you couldn’t imagine the day without.

5. Call in your best friends

When it comes to choosing your bridesmaids, you’ll want to invite people who really have your back and who will support your decisions throughout the planning process. Remember, this day is for you and your partner – so be careful about people who try to push their opinions too heavily upon the choices you two want to make about your special day.

6. Choose a photographer you trust

You’ll want to enjoy the memories of your wedding day for years to come, so choosing the right photographer is a really important part of your planning. You should research a few photographers to find someone who really suits the style you’re looking for. You’ll want someone on the day who knows exactly what you’re looking for and who will make you feel confident and at ease throughout the day so that you feel and look your very best on your photos.

7. Serve the best food!

You’ll no doubt be spending a lot of time thinking of ways to entertain and delight your guests as they share your day with you. Don’t underestimate the power of good food or how much the lack of food can dampen a guest’s day! There are tonnes of fabulous food options out there now – from fish and chip vans to sushi or hog roasts. Remember to check with guests about any special dietary requirements they may have too!

8. Give your other half responsibilities

Remember, this day is for you both – and so is the planning! If you pool your skills and discuss what you each love (or loathe), you’ll be amazed how quickly everything can come together. Things like the photographer, music and decorations should be joint decisions, so don’t take too much on yourself!

9. Plan for plan B

Whilst planning will help to ensure everything runs smoothly on the day, it’s always a good idea to plan for other eventualities and have a back-up plan, just in case, so you’re not left in a panic on your special day!

10. Choose your florist carefully

Choosing the right flowers is a huge part of your day. You’ll want to speak to someone with expertise who can advise on different flowers and arrangements to suit your theme. With over 100 years’ experience, we know which varieties best complement each other and can source unusual flowers from across the globe directly, cutting out an often very costly and timely supply chain. Ready to tick picking your flower arrangements off your list? Get in touch with us at Rodgers the Florists today.

10 Tips For Planning A Wedding This Year