10 Handy Ways To Help New Parents

21 February 2017

There is little in life that compares to becoming a parent. But between sleepless nights and non-stop visitors, it can also be an extremely exhausting time. That’s why you should always make an effort to help those who have just welcomed a little bundle of joy into the world. With this in mind, here are 10 handy ways that you can make life easier for new mums and dads.

Give them space

You’ll no doubt be excited to see the newborn – and the parents will surely want to show off their baby. But when you do pop around for a visit, make sure you don’t outstay your welcome. Instead, give the parents space to adjust to their new role.

Provide fresh meals

New parents often struggle to find time to shop for ingredients and cook. Therefore, they’ll likely be very grateful if you show up with fresh food rather than frozen meals from time to time.

Help around the house

If there’s something you can do – whether it’s cleaning, cooking or organising things – do it. Don’t wait to be asked either, because new parents will likely be too proud to request a hand.

Offer to run errands

Similarly, if there are any errands that you can run – whether it’s shopping for food or nappies – then go ahead and do them.

Help the other children

If the parents already have children, then lend a hand by offering to pick them up from school or assist them with homework. This will give mum and dad more time to spend with the newest addition to the family.

Help them rest

The parents will be tired – even when they insist they’re not. Tell them to enjoy a nap while you take over the responsibilities.

Help them get out

New parents shouldn’t spend all their time cooped up indoors. However, it might be up to you to suggest that they go on a walk or out for a quick meal.


Open your ears at every opportunity. Let them know you’re here to talk whether it’s in person, on the phone or via email.

Ask and offer

Be sure to ask parents what you can do to help and offer to lend a hand as often as you can. Even if they don’t take you up on it, the offer will still be comforting to the parents.

Bring flowers

There’s no better time to celebrate with flowers than a child’s birth. Make sure you come armed with a carefully picked bouquet as often as possible.

Turn to Rodgers the Florist

These 10 steps should make a big difference to the new parents. To show you care with flowers, contact Rodgers the Florist for more information.

10 Handy Ways To Help New Parents