Wedding Themes 2017 - Find Inspiration!

28 April 2017

If your Wedding Day is something you have always dreamt about since you were a little, when your other half finally decides to pop the question, the most likely thing to happen (after you have managed to pick yourself up from the floor) is that a sudden rush of ideas, plans and emotions will come rushing down.

Choosing a theme for your wedding is a great way of bringing together all your thoughts and ideas into one more manageable plan. Deciding what this theme will be, depends entirely on your personality, taste and time of the year when you choose to tie the knot.  

We have searched for the most popular Wedding themes out there right now and we have picked 4 of our favourites - from a 'Greenery' colour of the year themed wedding to a Chic Lilac and Grey wedding, an English Country Garden wedding or even for the select few, a Modern Minimalist wedding, you can decide which one suits your style better:


Greenery Wedding

Anna Kim Photography via Junebug Wedding

Greenery is Patone’s Colour of the Year 2017 and we just simply love this organic look, the leafy green makes you feel right at home in nature with its bright and brilliant freshness!

Here you will find lots of ideas on how to incorporate this lush colour into your wedding decor and details:


Chic Lilac And Grey

Photography via Kelsey Combe

If an elegant wedding is your goal, this theme will be perfect for you. The colours Lilac and Grey work beautifully together in this theme that can be used at any time of the year:


English Country Garden

Photography via Cooper Wedding Photography

A theme that is ideal for the spring and summer months and it is best enjoyed outdoors; taking inspiration from a traditional English Tea Party this theme never goes out of fashion, it offers your guests a relaxed, more enjoyable atmosphere:


Modern Minimalist

Photography via Georgi Mabee

Is less definitely more? If traditional weddings are not your thing, this modern minimalist theme might just be the answer for you, with simple yet elegant touches, the Modern Minimalist theme focuses on clean lines and shapes perfectly combined with stunning textures:

Whatever theme you may choose, selecting the perfect venue, relying on an expert florist and an experienced photographer is important, they can help you tailor your day to your exact vision. Happy planning!

Wedding Themes 2017 - Find Inspiration!