How to Choose Flowers from a Florist in Manchester

14 August 2017

When it comes to choosing the right flowers from a florist in Manchester for a special occasion then the experts to speak with are Rodgers the Florists.

So, if you are looking for a particular type of flower for a special occasion, whether that is a birthday, anniversary or wedding, then this article will help.

There's no doubt that choosing flowers can be a real issue for many people; there’s a wide range of choice as well as taking into account the texture, colour, and varieties of flowers to confuse the issue.

However, there's also a great opportunity for you to be creative and help deliver an impressive bouquet.

It helps too that florists are enthusiastic and experienced and more than happy to help those who enter a flower shop looking for flowers to celebrate that special occasion.


Florists Manchester can work with flowers for decades

It may come as a surprise that most florists Manchester can work with flowers for decades without losing interest since the potential for creativity and delivering impressive flowers is huge.

They will have lots of experience helping those who rarely step foot into a florist’s shop to put them at ease and help them choose flowers with confidence. They will understand their customer’s wants and needs as well as their budget and then put together some suggestions that will impress.

When it comes to choosing anniversary flowers, for instance, it helps that keeping them as a surprise is key and seasonal flowers will be appreciated.

It should always be appreciated that the choice of flowers vary through the year depending on their season, so when choosing particular flowers you need to appreciate the time of year and not be disappointed if the particular flower you want is unavailable.

For anniversaries, your choices could be white spray chrysanthemums, pink spray carnations and roses with a mix of germinis and they can be used to great effect.


Choosing flowers from a florist Manchester

However, there's no doubt that keeping things simple is usually the best approach for those who are choosing flowers from a florist Manchester.

This is an important tip if you are not confident about which flowers to choose but by opting for the simple route you will create an impression - and impactful flowers will be difficult to beat.

Indeed, this idea of simplicity may extend to using just one or two types of flower to create a stunning impression.

The next step is to create an impression by using a variety of flowers but this is where the florist’s expertise will really pay dividends; if you aren’t confident or sure about which flowers to use, then accept the florist’s advice.

That's because there are some flowers that have no place in a vase with other flowers so you need to be wary when mixing things up!

Again, by opting for the simple route this notion that less is more will deliver a ‘wow’ factor.

There's also the issue that some people have a preconception about what certain flowers can be used for and will not entertain the possibility of other purposes.


Looking for wedding day flowers

By opening your mind, there's also the possibility of surprise and this extends to those looking for wedding day flowers since there are some unlikely flowers that will, when used in a different way, look sensational.

Having said that, there's no doubt that many people wanting to choose flowers will play it safe and may simply opt for white and green combinations. This is a failsafe solution and will match many home decor schemes.

Again, this mix of flowers will help meet a number of needs for a variety of occasions whether they are sad or happy and deliver a classic and contemporary look.

Choosing flowers for birthdays is also a great opportunity to opt for vibrant colours such as orange roses, purple lisianthus, and green spray chrysanthemums, for instance.

While birthday flowers should reflect happiness and joy then wedding day flower ideas should reflect a theme or the wedding dress; this is an important day in the bride’s life and having the right bouquet is crucial.

For those bride’s wearing a white wedding dress then bouquets of freesias, white roses, hydrangea and spray roses are an ideal choice.


Looking for flowers for a funeral

If you are looking for flowers for a funeral, for instance, then opt to choose those that reflect the personality of the person who has passed. This can be an emotional time so red roses for an outgoing person will be a sound choice.

Should the person be reserved then white roses and carnations in a posy arrangement will meet your need.

Obviously, flowers are a great way to celebrate important events in our lives but they are also an opportunity to say sorry for something you may have done or said.

That's because flowers can help send different messages so the choice of flowers will also be important.

Flowers are also a nice way to bid farewell to a work colleague and bright flowers in a bouquet make a sound choice; yellow flowers such as lilies are elegant and the recipient will know they have been appreciated.


Use of bright flowers is a sound choice

The use of bright flowers is also a sound choice if you want to use a bouquet to cheer someone up if they have an been unwell.

That's because a cheerful bunch will not only boost the recipient's mood but help brighten their room as well.

Everyone knows that flowers are a great way to show your love should you be separated from your partner or spouse for a period of time and flowers will help remind them of you.

Indeed, depending on what you do for a living, your partner may not only be missing you but feeling lonely and flowers will help boost their mood; for those looking for ideas then an orchid arrangement or daisies will be a sound choice.


Essentially, every client and every occasion is unique and everybody's tastes in flowers vary but for those who are looking for help to choose flowers from a florist in Manchester then the friendly team at Rodgers will impress.

How to Choose Flowers from a Florist in Manchester