Rodgers: We offer the best flowers Manchester!

28 October 2017

Here at Rodgers we firmly believe that we offer the best flowers Manchester to suit every need to celebrate an occasion and meet just about every budget.

Indeed, when it comes to bouquets and flower arrangements, our experienced team deliver a creative touch to make a real impression should you be choosing flowers to celebrate or to delight someone with flowers as a gift.

So, when you think of the best flowers Manchester, think of ours at Rodgers.

We receive flowers fresh every day from a range of growers and suppliers so we can deliver the best value on best quality fresh flowers for you.


Use Rodgers for your same day flower delivery Manchester

Also, you should use Rogers for your same day flower delivery Manchester and use our experience to choose the perfect bunch to impress.

We are always more than willing to help and while many people will believe that florists are simply just flower arranging professionals, it's good to know you will receive expert advice.

So, if you are shopping for the ideal bouquet for a loved one but you are not confident about what you should buy then it's important to have a chat so your florist can find what is suitable.

What will a florist need to know when choosing the ideal bouquet?

Firstly, they will need to know about the personality of the person receiving an impressive bouquet since our colour and flower preferences are usually dictated by our personality.

This means you don't necessarily need to know the recipient's favourite flower or even what their favourite colour is since the florist will be able to find out enough information to deliver an ideal gift of flowers.


Find a florist delivery Manchester

There may be a need to find a florist delivery Manchester if you are not intending on delivering the flowers personally and, again, Rodgers can help.

In addition to learning more about the recipient of the flowers, a florist should also be told whether the bouquet is for a special occasion such as an anniversary or birthday.

That's because the occasion will call for different types of flower arrangements.

For example, should the recipient be celebrating a birthday, then usually people choose flowers that have bold and bright colours whereas sympathy flowers have a comforting and softer appearance.

In addition, if the flowers you want to order are for a particular event then the florist will need to know about it and the location, for example how many tables will need to be decorated?

Also, have you a colour scheme in mind for your event or even a theme? The florist will also need to know these so they can arrange a bouquet to suit the circumstances.


Choosing mixed flower arrangements

Among the issues to be discussed with a florist, you should highlight any preferences about whether you would like a mixed flower arrangement or a bouquet that's made up with just a single type of flower.

This means the florist will be able to put together an intricate design or even something more simple to suit your - and the recipient’s - needs.

Essentially, all florists have the expertise and experience to deliver the right bouquet for the right event and should be able to deliver exactly what you are looking for, if not more!


Choosing ideal wedding Flowers

However, there will be certain occasions where finding the right florist will be crucial if you are trying to create an overall impressive look, particularly for a wedding.

Again, there will need to be a conversation between the bride-to-be and the florist so they will understand what theme the bride is looking for and the florist will help deliver that.

Some weddings will be looking to create lush centrepieces while others will tend for minimalist and modern arrangements. It's a good idea to find photographs of bouquets that you like for a wedding, and this advice also extends to all celebrations so the florist will know what your needs and wants are.

This is a quick checklist to help everyone looking for celebratory flowers:

  • Decide what your floral needs are: do you want large creations or minimal bouquets?
  • What is your flower style? Understand what flowers will be available for your wedding or event and also understand the common floral terms so you understand more easily what a florist is explaining.
  • Create a flower budget: while flowers are impressive and help make a special event, it is wise to stick to a budget and a florist will do so if they know how much will be spent on the event.
  • Find a recommended florist: whether it's a wedding or a special event that you need flowers for, it's always good to have a florist recommended. Rodgers have been in business since 1911 and we have the experience and recommendations to deliver exactly the flowers you are looking for.


Creating bespoke floral arrangements

It's important when meeting a florist for the first time that you are confident that they can create bespoke floral arrangements that will impress; whether that's a bridal bouquet or creating flowers for a charitable ball, for instance, in corporate colours.

Finding the right floral arrangement for your occasion whether you want to use flowers to celebrate an achievement or event, then the experience of the florist is crucial.

Also, you don't have to be living and working in Manchester to use our team’s expertise since we offer a local, national and international flower delivery service.


It's for this reason that we believe that the Rodgers’ team offer the best flowers Manchester and can create a floral display that will impress – whatever the occasion.

Rodgers: We offer the best flowers Manchester!