11 Innovative Ways To Re-Use Your Flowers

26 May 2015

Flowers are such a beautiful product of nature that it can be such a shame to have to dispose of them when they begin to wilt. We have compiled a list of creative ways in which your flowers can live on and bring you many years of pleasure. Whether you would like to craft a petite gift for a friend or create an elegant treat for yourself, we have a range of splendid ideas available.

1. Refresh Your Draws

Draws and wardrobes tend to miss most of the light of day and so the air inside can become a little stale from time to time. This can affect the scent of your freshly washed clothes. To enliven the air, try these steps:

  • Dry out your flowers
  • Gently grind the flowers (unless they are naturally small)
  • Add essential oils of your choice (optional)
  • Place in a dainty breathable bag or box
  • Pop in a draw or wardrobe or give to a friend as a sweet gift

Our beautiful roses can make charming draw gifts for friends and family.

2. Embellish Your Manicure

If you would like to create a unique look for your next manicure then why not try putting a dash of nature into your style. Here are a few steps to transform your manicure:

  • Press small flowers
  • Apply a small amount of clear varnish onto the nail
  • With tweezers, apply your chosen flowers to the wet varnish
  • Coat with final layer of clear varnish

You can be as creative as you like with this project and use whichever floral colours suit the occasion. You can even use a range of petals to create a unique pattern.

3. Candles and Wax Melts

Release the gentle mix of flowers and essential oils into your home by adding dried flowers to candles. Make your very own homemade candles and wax melts and if done in a glass container you can see the gentle array of petals swirl through the design. Their vintage feel can bring a cottage chic touch to any home and they make thoughtful gifts for friends too.

4. Confetti

Create a sprinkle of charm on your wedding day with eco-friendly confetti. You can dry flowers and pop them into cones, bags or envelopes for wedding guests. You can colour co-ordinate your confetti to match your wedding tones; you could even press shapes from leaves for stunning autumn hues. Rose petals are usually the pinnacle of romantic celebrations and we available have a Luxury 24 Grand Prix Rose Hand tied arrangement filled with vibrant roses suitable for your wedding confetti. Hydrangeas also make particularly delightful confetti and we have several floral arrangements that include this precious flower too.

5. Glass Decoration

Whether you would like to liven up an old candleholder or decorate your plant pots, dried flowers are a lovely way to add style. Once you have dried your flowers there are many products available to glue them to the glass. You could decorate vases, potpourri holders or even the border of a mirror. Our Vibrant Perfect Gift contains wonderful Germini flowers that could look marvellous on your glass project.

7. Artwork

The possibilities are endless for floral artwork; so let your imagination bloom as you glance over some of our ideas.

  • Frame your dried flowers (they look particularly good with a white background). You could assemble a set of wall pieces for your home or as a gift.
  • Use flowers on thoughtful handmade cards to friends.
  • Children can enjoy creating fairy dresses by embellishing their drawings with dried flowers.
  • Create delicate bookmarks using a laminator or sticking flowers to paper.
  • Produce vintage flower paper by mixing paper paste with dried flowers.
  • Use flower heads as natural stamps to decorate projects.

8. Cooking

For new and individual flavours you can cook with certain flowers. Roses are one of the more popular floral ingredients with foods such as Turkish delight adding to the flavours fame. You can also drink rose tea and eat rose infused cakes too. Carnations have been said to make a delicate soup, salad or punch bowl garnish.

9. Fertiliser or Compost

Let your new flowers bloom with the help of your old flowers by using them as a fertiliser or compost. By placing dried petals under the leaves of your potted plant you can help your plant to maintain water.

10. Bath and Beauty Products

Throughout history, plants and flowers have been used in beauty products and are still used today. There are a huge variety of methods you can learn in order to create your own products. Here are a few ideas to get your imagination flowing:

  • Soap
  • Shampoo
  • Body wash
  • Body butter or lotion
  • Shower scrub
  • Perfume
  • Lip balm
  • Bath bombs/melts/salts/bubbles

11. Home Decoration

For a cottage chic style you can re-use flowers and create delightful designs for your home. Here are some of our suggestions for home additions:

  • Dried floral wreathes
  • Dried flowers in a waterless vase
  • Garlands for mantelpieces, garden parties and afternoon teas
  • Coasters
  • Decorative glass blocks
  • Embellished bunting

Dried Gypsophilia can add a chic vintage style to any home. Our Heavenly Mixed Rose Hand Tied contains delicate Gypsophilia that will look beautiful before and after it has been dried.

If you would like to try any of the techniques above please always carefully research techniques to ensure the appropriate health and safety measures are taken.

11 Innovative Ways To Re-Use Your Flowers