The Healing Power of Flowers

07 October 2014

Flowers have always been widely acknowledged to have some form of healing power, be it to soothe the soul with vibrant colours and intoxicating scents from beautiful blooms, to the practice of crushing petals and stems and mixing them with other home-made remedies for various ailments. Flowers have long been associated with having healing powers in different ways from their original state to variations of essential oils, essences and perfumes.

The belief in the healing power of flowers can be traced back to the ancient Egyptians, who believed that flowers were given healing powers by the gods and that the healing power was contained in the spirit, or essence of the flower itself. Ancient Egyptians believed that the scent from flowers was also a gift given by the gods to allow mortals to become more perfect through inhaling it.

As well as the healing power of natural flowers, in many Buddhist practices, poly silk flowers are used as offerings to Buddha and are generally the corresponding colour as the Buddha they are being offered to – for example the Wisdom Buddha is orange and so generally, orange poly silk flowers will be used in offerings and practices.

At Rodgers the Florist, we are able to provide you with a wide selection of poly silk flowers that are so realistic you might not be able to tell the difference from real flowers! We appreciate that not everyone is able or wants to have real flowers for their events or in their homes and our specialist team is here to provide you with any advice and assistance in the selection of your poly silk floral displays and arrangements.

The attraction of poly silk flowers for many people is that not only do they look almost indistinguishable from real flowers, they also last considerably longer! Looked after well, your poly silk flowers can provide you with years of floral display enjoyment and versatility – these flowers will look great in any temperature and any light availability and of course, you can move them from room to room as you wish.

For people who are looking to give a special gift to those who are unwell or in need of cheering up, poly silk flowers offer the opportunity to provide long term enjoyment of your gift and if you know your recipient’s favourite flower, you can give a very special keepsake.

Roses are said to have a great healing power and some people believe that they are a flower that enables the spirit of a person to become free. The petals of roses contain Vitamins A, C, D and E with some Vitamin B. Other flowers such as Lavender are widely known to have healing effects of helping to provide calm and relaxation and have been used in many products from shampoo to fragranced sachets. 

We have large range of poly silk flowers that are so convincing you'll think that they're real! Pop in to our shop for a look around and we'll be happy to answer any questions you have.

The Healing Power of Flowers