3 Reasons Why Women Love To Receive Flowers

28 July 2016

The overwhelming majority of women love flowers. Therefore, it is unsurprising that they are frequently gifted at key times during the year, such as Valentine’s Day, on birthdays and even at Christmas and Easter.

However, gifting flowers to that important woman in your life should not just be left to the key periods where it has become almost cliché. Flowers offer an excellent means of showing a woman you are thinking of them and appreciate them.

Still not convinced? We have provided three key reasons why women love to receive flowers:

  • They Provide An Ongoing Reminder Of The Moment They Were Received: Each and every time the woman who you have gifted the flowers views them they will be reminded of you and the moment you gifted them!
  • They Offer A Moment Of Pause In Their Lives: Flowers offer that important woman in your life a moment to pause and reflect in an otherwise hectic life. Many who receive flowers report that they will frequently take a moment or two during their days to simply observe the flowers for a minute or two. The therapeutic value of having flowers in an interior and taking the time to look at them has long been established by psychological studies. What better reason to get the important woman in your life flowers than to be responsible for that moment of peace in their lives.
  • It Is A Reflection Of Their Personality: The act of giving flowers to an important woman in your life, whether it is a love interest or your dear old mum is an opportunity to demonstrate how you feel about them. Not the act of merely giving flowers in of itself. No, the flowers that you choose. Therefore, if you choose flowers that are obviously cheap, or tacky, then the woman recipient will believe that you feel that they are cheap and tacky too. If you want to flatter your important lady you should choose the freshest and most exquisite flowers. Also, take some time considering the colours and the connotations of the flowers to add depth to your gift.

We understand that selecting flowers can sometimes prove more difficult than first suspected. Do not worry! Our team of expert florists are on hand to help you create a truly beautiful bouquet for your important woman.

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3 Reasons Why Women Love To Receive Flowers