Flower Gift Sets

Flower Gift Sets are perfect for saying a lot with just a little. Our gift sets are dainty, elegant and powerful all at the same time. Flower Gift Sets are also useful for when you are unsure of what to treat your special someone with. Each gift set comprises of a 120g box of luxury Maison Fougère chocolates and a single rose contained within an elegant ceramic vase.

The Single Red Rose Gift Set can be the greatest of romantic floral gifts. A single red rose is said to symbolise everlasting love and devotion and so makes a perfect gift for a Valentines Day or anniversary. The passionate red transcends the rich greenery and casts a fascinating allure into the world.

A single white rose is said to represent purity, peace and innocence. A white rose is truly a thing of beauty as its rich green leaves illuminate its pure white petals.

So if you are looking for a gift for a Christening or Holy Communion then our Single White Rose Gift Set could be a fitting choice. A white rose could also make a compassionate gift for someone suffering bereavement.

If you would like to express happiness and love then a single yellow rose is said to be an ideal choice for expressing those affections.  Our Single Yellow Rose Gift Set can be used for a variety of occasions with its bright colour beaming radiance and joy. Yellow roses are also said to symbolise friendship so they make lovely birthday gifts for close friends.

Pink roses are meant to be a symbol of gratitude so a single pink rose could make the perfect thank you present for that special friend. They are also beautiful gifts for Mothers and Grandmothers on a Mother’s Day, birthday or simply a token of thanks for their years of support. Pink roses are the ultimate in floral girly gifts so if you have a friend who is a lover of all things pretty then this could be a lovely gift for them.

These are just some of the many applications for our Flower Gift Sets. They are useful for chocolate-lovers who like high quality chocolates. Each Gift Set comes in a sophisticated black and gold gift bag and the chocolates are wrapped delicately. By purchasing a gift set you can leave the finishing touches to us and have a perfectly coordinated gift for your special friend or family member.