If you are looking for that exquisite extra to add to your floral bouquet then wine can be the perfect accompaniment. We have a fine selection of wines from blushing pinks to sparkling champagnes. Our selection is designed to accommodate a range of palates and occasions.

Our red, rosé and white wines are part of the wild orchid collection and come from the foothills of the magnificent Andes. Each has it’s own distinct flavours and colours and have a beautiful orchid design on the front.

The red wine is a rich Merlot of byzantium purples and mulberry reds for an intense colour burst. The merlot is deep with candied berry spice and silky tannins. The scent breathes warmth and intensity. The red is perfect for a winter occasion when warmer wine is in favour.

Our white wine is a fresh Sauvignon Blanc with sharp citrus tones and piercing gooseberries. This is beautiful spring wine for those crisp dew days and so makes a particularly good paring to Easter and Mother’s Day gift bouquets.

The rosé is a deep berry pink Cabernet Rosé containing hibiscus aromas and summer strawberry notes. Whether it be a birthday, anniversary or any other occasion, this wine is a gorgeous addition to a summer bouquet. It is often enjoyed al fresco and will go famously with a seafood BBQ selection.

Our Louis Rozier champagne comes in a beautiful bottle and is filled with citrus bubbles. It is ideal for a range of occasions from weddings to retirements. The Laurent Perrier Brut Champagne is a true luxury gift with an almost 200-year history behind it. The Laurent Perrier is the ideal bubbly for a graduation, big birthday, anniversary or other extra special occasion. The crisp bubbles and sharp flavour leave a refreshingly uplifting impression on the palate. The bottle comes in a presentation box for a sophisticated finish.

Our Sparkling Rose Wine is a splendid mix of gentle pink hues and soft bubbles. It is rich with berry flavours and sweet scents and makes a perfect gift for any celebration, especially in the summer months.

Our exquisite variety of wine enables you to find that perfect bottle to accompany your floral bouquet. You could even co-ordinate the colour of the wine with the flowers. For a pretty pink gift try pairing our Colour Your Day with Happiness Vase combined with our Wild Orchid Cabernet Rosé. Alternatively for a grander occasion you could pair the Laurent Perrier with our Luxury Red Rose and Lily Hand tied floral arrangement.