Chocolate and flowers are one of the classic combinations that speak thoughtfulness, love and friendship. If you are looking to surprise a loved one with a sweet treat, then our chocolate boxes are the perfect accompaniment to your fresh bouquet. Our Maison Fougère chocolate boxes contain only the finest selection of Belgian chocolates for a mouth-watering sensation.

Our exquisite Chocolate Truffles make a delicate finishing touch to any of our floral designs. Their exquisite blend of Marc de Champagne, smooth Belgian chocolate and a sprinkle of fine sugar to finish, make them a scrumptious token of your affection.

You can be assured that all of our chocolates are tried and tested and we have enjoyed every moment. Each chocolate has it’s own personality and array of flavours to entice the taste buds. Their smooth taste and array of 600 flavour infusions make for a refined palate of chocolate excellence.

Whether you are celebrating a graduation, birthday, or any other special occasion, then our chocolates are the perfect addition to your floral arrangement. They are an elegant combination of milk, dark and white Belgian chocolates, each with a chic pattern. The chocolates are encased in a gold and black box and finished with a chocolate brown ribbon, making them versatile to match many of our floral designs.

If colour co-ordination is important to you then our Marc de Champagne chocolates go famously with our Pretty Pink Petite Basket and our Elegant Pink Orchid Vase. We also have a variety of other floral arrangements in pink, white and black to match your chocolate selection. If our gold and black chocolate box is more your style, then our Luxury Red Rose and Lily Hand Tied design and our Luxury Strelitzia Arrangement are beautiful additions to your sweet treats.

Feeling like you need a pickup? Chocolate is believed by some to be a mood heightener, so if you’re feeling the blues then our chocolates might be an ideal remedy.  Some even believe that just the smell of chocolate increases the brain waves that trigger relaxation. Treat yourself to a little luxury and indulge in a box of our finest chocolates, and furnish your home with one of our floral designs.

The world has enjoyed chocolate since as far back as 1400 B.C. with Aztec emperor Motezuma II drinking 50 cups of chocolate every day!  Why not join the age-old chocolate tradition and let the cocoa flow.