For a truly beautiful finishing touch to your floral bouquet, try one of our delicate vases. We have a range of colours to suit the occasion and floral colour shade of your floral arrangement. All of our vases are a gentle glass design varying from tall designs to swirled patterns, ready to compliment your floral gift. Vases are such versatile gifts as they can be used again and again for many different arrangements.

Our Halo Vase is a tall and elegant number, made of clear glass and fashioned into a refined cylindrical shape. The top of the vase is coated in a bold high-gloss gold, which illuminates with radiance in the light. The Halo Vase is a contemporary, sleek piece, which matches perfectly with an array of chic flowers like our Luxury Red Rose And Lily Hand Tied arrangement. The rich reds of the lilies and roses combined with the sweet oranges go nicely with the Halo Vase.

The Nigella Vase is a clear glass vase with a gentle waist for a simplistic finish to any floral arrangement. If you have chosen an arrangement that is bold in colour and you wish to add a crystal finish to that colour then the Nigella Vase could be your vase of choice.

We also have a range of vibrant swirl vases, these come in red, blue, lime and pink to accommodate your floral gift. Our Blue Swirl Nigella is a beautiful addition to New Born gifts, Sympathy arrangements, Thank You bouquets and many other designs. For a Mother’s Day or Anniversary we recommend the Pink Swirl Nigella vase. The Lime Swirl Nigella is a fitting vase for summer birthdays, graduations and many other occasions. Our Red Swirl Nigella is also quite versatile in that you can use it for many occasions from Christmas to Valentine’s Day.

Our Tall Slim Vase is made of an elongated clear glass and is a fine choice for many flowers, particularly those with tall stems. Roses look radiant in this vase, as do lilies and orchids. This vase is adaptable in that it can suit all colours and styles and provides a sophisticated finish to any floral arrangement.

So for that elegant finish to your gift, try one of our stunning vases. The vase will keep your stems gently stored away and give a neat and professional touch. At Rodgers The Florist, we believe in bringing you only the most beautiful in design for your occasion.