Plants are becoming more and more popular as gifts and alternatives to fresh flower bouquets. Plants have a longer life span than cut flowers and will bring interest and vibrancy to a room for a longer time than a floral arrangement.

Popular as gifts particularly for those who live quite a distance away from each other and are unable to see each other as often as they would like, plants are a lovely, lasting reminder of friendship and family for between visits.

Many people are also choosing to have plants on display in their homes in addition to and as an alternative to fresh cut flowers.

The benefits of having plants in the home are well documented, from increasing focus and concentration when there are several plants in a room to improving air and allowing you to breathe more easily. Of course, they are also beautiful to look at and make great gifts!

We have fourteen plant displays available to order on our website designs section and also offer office weekly displays including plants as well as floral arrangements.

Planters are a lovely display method for plant and our red rose planter is one of our most popular plant options; a cream ceramic planter filled with dainty red rose plants and Ivy to create a classically styled display. If you prefer pink or cream roses, these are options are also available.

We offer local and national delivery and are a member of Interflora; we will deliver your planted displays in perfect condition in good time.

Our planted teacups are a favourite range for gifts to celebrate Birthdays and Anniversaries and also as “thank you” gifts for nurses and teachers. An adorable and charming ceramic tea cup on its own saucer in a soft cream shade houses delicate rose plants and ivy that can be enjoyed indoors during cooler weather and may be successfully planted outside in the summer months. Planted teacups are available in cream roses, pink roses and red roses.

In addition to our planter and Chic Teacup plant displays, we also have a range of planted baskets available, included a selection of gift set planted baskets that include Champagne and chocolates or wine and chocolates for a really special gift.

Our planted baskets are available in red, pink and cream rose selections and we also have a mixed planted basket available to order which features a mixture of pink and white flowering plants including a pink rose plant, pink and white flowering kalanchoes and ivy and palm.