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Upcoming Flower Shows in 2015
May 07

In this article we take a look at the upcoming flower shows across the country during 2015.

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Cottage Chic – A Floral Guide
Apr 29

Cottage Chic comprises of gentle rustics with a modern twist. Pastels, plant pots and painted woods are all quant styles that have become popular in many homes.

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Flowers and the Zodiac – Finding Your Special Birth Flower
Apr 21

Each zodiac sign has a range of special flowers devoted to it, which represent the individual beauty of each star sign.

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Corsage and Buttonhole Arrangements for Prom
Apr 15

Popular flowers for both corsages and buttonhole arrangements are orchids, lilies and of course, the classic rose.

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A History Of Easter Flowers
Apr 02

When we think of Easter we think of pretty daffodils, colourful tulips and crisp white lilies amongst other Easter flowers. The question is…why?

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